Meet Molly Donahue

Molly was born and raised in the Cedar Rapids Metro area. She graduated from Washington High School where her parents also attended, and where she now teaches.

Molly learned the value of hard work from her parents running their small business and as a teen working for minimum wage to save for college.

As a 27-year veteran teacher, Molly Donahue is running for the State House with the same values she was raised with and instills in her students; hard work, integrity, and equality.

Molly knows how important it is to live and work in the community in which she is representing.

“Being invested in the success of your neighbors is the key to making good choices at the State house.”

Molly Donahue

Molly’s plan for the success of Iowa:

Compassion, Integrity, and Equality

Molly Donahue talking on a panel answering questions

A Champion For Iowa’s Working Families

As a teacher and state employee, I see every day how hard-working Iowans are struggling because of the system. Out of state corporations have been given tax breaks leaving Iowa’s working families behind without a living wage and our small businesses and rural areas are left struggling for survival. Our worker’s rights have been stripped to line the pockets of the out of state corporate CEOs putting our workers safety and health at risk. It is the legislature’s job to work with businesses to create good-paying jobs for Iowans so that we can keep our best and brightest here in the state. I will work to increase the minimum wage to a living wage, and to restore the rights of our hard-working Iowans to increase our economy.

People Over Politics 

Over the past years, we have seen our politicians say one thing and do another. They have handed out millions of dollars of our tax money to out of state corporate entities using backroom deals. They have excepted dark money to promote legislation that hurts our hard-working Iowans. As your state representative, I will hold myself as well as other legislators and state employees accountable to our commitment to serve the people in our communities. All tax dollars should be spent with transparency to the public.

Molly Donahue shaking hands with a little boy
Molly Donahue talking on a panel answering questions

Keeping Our Community Safe

As your representative, I want to make sure that our communities are safe. We need appropriate mental health care for our citizens, we need a Medicaid – health system that works for our most vulnerable Iowans, we need to have common sense gun laws preventing senseless deaths and their availability to the mentally unstable. We need legislation to prevent domestic violence, violence against women, and children that punish the offenders not the victims.

Clean Iowa for the Future

As your representative I want to make sure that we lead the nation in clean energy. We have a wonderful opportunity in Iowa for both wind and solar energy use throughout our state. We are currently 30% clean energy here in Iowa, I want to see that increase. I want to make sure that our energy companies are rewarding those who use clean energy. In addition to cleaner air, I will work to make sure that the waterways are cleaned up, and that we fund the system in place to maintain clean waterways for our health as well as all those who enjoy our state for recreation.

Molly Donahue shaking hands with a little boy
Molly with HS friends

Making Our Schools A Priority For Our Kids

As a special education teacher, I have seen how the current funding for schools have affected our students, parents, communities, and educators. I will listen to stakeholders involved in our schools from the superintendents to the kindergarten teachers, child care providers to the parents, as well as community members. I will protect the public school promise of educating all by preserving tax dollars for public use. In addition to the public schools, I work to make sure Iowa has good skill training programs and post-secondary opportunities for our students and workers. There is no place for out-of-state special interest groups in our children’s education.

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